Welcome to OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230, the International Standard for Open Source Compliance

OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 is the International Standard for open source license compliance. It is simple, effective and suitable for companies of all sizes in all markets. This standard is openly developed by a vibrant user community and freely available to all. It is supported by free online self-certification, extensive reference material and official service provider partners.

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We Support Security

We have created a Security Assurance Reference Guide to help support your journey. It is based on knowledge and experience from dozens of our community members and it is open to improvements from you and your peers.

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We Support Suppliers

We have created a Supplier Education Pack to help ensure that companies of any size anywhere in the supply chain can quickly understand and adopt OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230. This ensures everyone in the world can benefit from the increased efficiency and effectiveness our ISO standard offers.

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We Support Automation

Alongside our bi-weekly tooling meetings we are running an automation case study about using open source tools for open source compliance. It runs between September and December 2021 and is the largest case study ever undertaken in this space.

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