Welcome to Freedom of Choice

The OpenChain Project is developing a compelling commercial partner program alongside our core mission to ensure that any organization, anywhere can adopt OpenChain easily. We do this by providing free online self-certification to entities of all sizes via our project and simultaneously fostering long-term collaborative relationships with law firms, consultancies and certification authorities.

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Our Guiding Principle

The OpenChain Project is keen on developing the partner program and working towards its success. The OpenChain Project is equally keen to ensure that any organization, anywhere can adopt OpenChain easily on their own. The OpenChain Project does not want to raise any barriers to entry for entities of any size. Rather, the partner program is a way for organizations without the time or internal expertise to get help with lowering their barriers.

How It Works

OpenChain Partners are law firms, consultancies and certification authorities with experience in open source and engagement with the OpenChain Project community. OpenChain Partners may use the OpenChain trademarks if they meet the formal requirements of our partner program and are accepted by the Steering Committee and Governing Board of the project.

Users can approach any of the partners listed on our website with an expectation of excellent service provision. We seek partners with a focus on excellence and a positive, thoughtful approach focused on building long-term relationships.

Connecting With Our Partners

If you ever have any questions or comments about the OpenChain Partner Program please contact Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager, at coughlan [at] linux.com. The same applies if you are a prospective partner and wish to open a dialogue with respect to your consultancy, training or certification services.