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Adopt Our Specifications

OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230:2020, the International Standard for open source license compliance, is suitable for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. You can choose between self-certification in your own time or working with a service provider for independent assessment or third-party certification. Our recommended path is self-certification and we provide a free web-app that captures this in series of “yes” or “no” questions.

We also provide self-certification support for the OpenChain Security Assurance Specification 1.1. You can get checklists for self-certification in English and Simplified Chinese. Just like our self-certification for OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230:2020, the checklist provides a way to answer a series of yes or no questions. Yes to everything means you are self-certified. This self-certification will also be valid for the forthcoming ISO/IEC version of the OpenChain Security Assurance Specification 1.1, provisionally scheduled for mid-2023.

ISO/IEC 5230 Self-Certification

OpenChain Security Assurance 1.1 Self-Certification

Independent Assessment? Third-Party Certification?

Do More Preparation