OpenChain Conformance allows companies of all sizes and in all sectors to meet the OpenChain Specification. This builds trust between organizations in the supply chain. It makes procurement easier for purchasers and preferred status easier for suppliers. Conformance is accomplished by answering a series of questions online. The process has no time limit and remains private until it is completed.

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We recognize that organizations in our community are at different levels in building their open source compliance processes. We informally discuss this as being four stages in the path to conformance. We have collected resources to support our community on this journey.

Level 1: Gaining Awareness of Open Source Compliance

  • What are the tangible benefits of a quality open source compliance program?
  • How do I communicate this importance to my partners or within my own organization?

Level 2: Understanding How OpenChain Addresses Compliance Risks

  • What are the benefits of OpenChain conformance?
  • What are requirements for becoming conformant?

Level 3: Understanding How to Implement OpenChain Conformant Processes

  • How do I assess my current conformance status?
  • How do I proceed to fill out process gaps?

Level 4: Obtaining OpenChain Conformance

  • How do I self-certify to the OpenChain standard?
  • How do I obtain third-party assistance?
  • How do I communicate my OpenChain conformance?
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