The Partner Program

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The OpenChain Project is keen to develop a compelling commercial
partner program. We are equally keen to ensure that any organization,
anywhere can adopt OpenChain easily on their own.

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The OpenChain Project will benefit from partners spreading the word and encouraging adoption of OpenChain. We aim to build out an increasingly self-sustaining eco-system with an economic foundation. To accomplish this we have selected five entities closely aligned with OpenChain, the open source legal sphere, and the embedded space to test the parameters of what can become a scalable program in 2018.

The five entities selected are: Moorcrofts and id Partners law firms in the UK and Spain respectively, Togan Labs in Ireland, Software Compliance Academy in Germany and Source Auditor in the United States.

How It Works

We are running a pilot in 2017 with minimal “ask” requirements in exchange for being named an official OpenChain partner and permission to use our trademarks.

Our Guiding Principle

The OpenChain Project is keen on developing the partner program and working towards its success. The OpenChain Project is equally keen to ensure that any organization, anywhere can adopt OpenChain easily on their own. The OpenChain Project does not want to raise any barriers to entry for entities of any size. Rather, the partner program is a way for organizations without the time or internal expertise to get help with lowering their barriers.

Learn More About Our Partners

The first five partners for the OpenChain Project are in a unique position. They have agreed to roll out services designed to support adoption of OpenChain and to work closely with our Program Manager and volunteer teams to ensure a balanced offering. Source Auditor Inc. is the lead partner, collecting and guiding the commercial side of the process. The OpenChain Program Manager is the lead from the project’s perspective.

id law partners

Faced with the rapid pace of technological change, id law partners specialises in advising on the legal issues raised by the technologies that build the information society. We offer legal strategies and solutions for the protection and exploitation of the intellectual property rights of our clients. At id law partners what makes the difference is our extensive knowledge and interest in the technological environment, and our understanding of the value and importance they represent to our customers new ideas, new products and new business models of the information society. Our core competencies include free software and content, electronic evidence and computer forensics, virtualization and cloud computing, multimedia, databases, privacy, etc.


Moorcrofts is a boutique law firm based in England’s Thames Valley specialising in technology law, with particular emphasis on free and open source software and the other ‘opens’. Andrew Katz, head of the Technology Department at Moorcrofts has been advising some of the world’s most prominent companies on FOSS for over 20 years.

William Weinberg, Founder at Open Source Sense said “The Openchain project and specification help organizations cross the gap between identified needs for open source compliance and real-world, actionable policies and processes. Open Source Sense is an enthusiastic supporter of Openchain because it addresses our clients’ ‘Goldilocks’ challenge: how to design and implement an open source compliance program that is non-trivial and substantial while not inducing excessive and burdensome overhead.”

Open Source Sense

Open Source Sense is the industry’s most experienced management consultancy in open source business. Over the last 12 years our consultants have helped firms such as, AT&T, Citigroup, HP, Huawei, Intel, JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft, Motorola, NEC, Nissan, Samsung, Sony and over 300 more develop effective and differentiated open source strategies, policies and processes. We are seasoned professionals, with deep technical and operational business experience – that broad, hands-on experience allows us to deeply understand the particulars of your business and craft practical solutions that work.

Andrew Katz, Head of Technology at Moorcrofts said “I’ve been talking about OpenChain to companies involved in the FOSS supply chain from tiny startups to multinationals, and I’ve never come across a positive response like this before. Everyone I talk to immediately gets it, and asks why someone hasn’t done it already: the response is equally strong from technologists as it is from lawyers. I’m so excited to be a part of this, as are the initial group of clients we’re working with on OpenChain.”

Software Compliance Academy

The Software Compliance Academy is a global training center that supports companies, non-profit organisations and individual developers to build up and cultivate the expertise that is necessary to handle software compliance. The team of the Software Compliance Academy has been working with clients across different jurisdictions to unlock competitive advantage through effective and efficient compliance processes and related training modules.

Catharina Maracke, founder of the Software Compliance Academy, said: “Compliance within the FOSS supply chain goes far beyond the administrative task of understanding and managing FOSS licenses. A neatly executed FOSS compliance strategy can be the game changer in every business deal. Establishing OpenChain as a standard for FOSS compliance processes and best practices will help our clients implement better compliance strategies and manage software more efficiently. We are delighted to be part of the OpenChain community.”

Source Auditor Inc.

Source Auditor Inc. has been providing open source compliance consulting for over 10 years. Source Auditor can help companies efficiently achieve OpenChain conformance through compliance policy development, compliance process design, and training as well as through software inspections to certify open source compliance.

“Software organizations we work with at Source Auditor are seeing many benefits from OpenChain including improved FOSS compliance practices and better FOSS training”, said Gary O’Neall co-founder at Source Auditor. “We are pleased to be a contributor and partner with the OpenChain Project”.

Togán Labs Ltd.

Togán Labs Ltd. is a boutique consultancy firm based in Ireland and the UK, specializing in embedded and IoT software solutions with a particular focus on open source processes and tools. Co-founded by OpenEmbedded developers, Beth ‘pidge’ Flanagan and Paul Barker, and educator and software developer, Aoife FitzGibbon O’Riordan, Togán Labs focuses on operating system design, training and implementation, including full software lifecycle processes to ensure FLOSS license compliance is designed into their customers core processes.

“From Togán Labs inception, we’ve been 100% focused on providing our customers with tools and processes that help them reduce their time to market without sacrificing the quality checks that would expose them to licensing related liabilities. Through our partnership with OpenChain, we’re looking forward to helping even more organizations bring their products to market bearing the mark of OpenChain certification.” said Beth Flanagan, Togán Labs Co-Founder and CTO.

Read The Full OpenChain Partner Program Guide (PDF)

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