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Our Community

The OpenChain Project has an extensive global community that involves thousands of companies collaborating to make the supply chain quicker, more effective and more efficient. We work together to create trust between entities around open source.

Our job is to increase trust in the open source supply chain. We do this by maintaining ISO/IEC 5230:2020, the International Standard for open source license compliance, and our Security Assurance Reference Specification. We also have a large global community where knowledge is shared to reduce friction and increase efficiency across all aspects of open source process management.

Everyone is invited to be part of what we do. There are no restrictions to join our mailing lists, our calls and most of our events.

Learn About Our Project Structure

To help orientate you in our community let’s talk about the structure. The OpenChain Project is fiscally supported by its platinum members but it is a large global community interacting and sharing. Our community comes up with ideas, creates solutions and prepares everything to help improve the supply chain. We do have some formal structures (board votes, steering committee votes), but the vast majority of our work is organic and based on stakeholders in the supply chain working together to address challenges.

To be part of our community is simple. Join our mailing lists, turn up on our calls, and share your views. The majority of our community (and all our board members) are *user* companies of open source, but we have an extensive *vendor* partner program that can provide commercial support in our domain. In this way, we balance solutions for challenges based on what is best for companies using open source, but we do not neglect to ensure that you can get legal, consultancy, automation and certification support if you need it. Learn more about each group of project stakeholders below.

Our Work Is Made Possible By Our Platinum Members