OpenChain Continues to Grow in Germany

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A DLA Piper breakfast meeting on Monday the 29th of April in Germany included an overview of the OpenChain Project and our newly released OpenChain Specification 2.0. Big thanks to Bernd Siebers for hosting this event and presenting on OpenChain, and of course to all those involved in sharing the latest news about open source compliance in the supply chain.

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Reminder: Companies Can Upgrade OpenChain Conformance to 2.0

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Companies currently OpenChain 1.1 or 1.2 Conformant can easily check and upgrade their conformance status to 2.0 using our free online questionnaire. Upgrading is purely optional for existing conformant organizations. However, it is a smooth transition from OpenChain 1.2 and can be a great way to send a positive message to your suppliers and customers.

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Reminder: OpenChain Conformance Badges are just a few questions away

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One of the most common questions asked around the OpenChain Project is “how do I get an OpenChain badge for my conformance program and the products that go through it?”

We keep this simple. Any company in any market sector can use our free OpenChain Project self-certification questionnaire. This questionnaire has also proven useful for internal, private “health checks” to assess the current status of open source compliance programs. We are delighted to support both use cases.

Access Our Free Online Self-Certification Questionnaire

OpenChain Specification 2.0 in German

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The OpenChain Project is delighted to announce that the latest version of our specification for quality open source compliance programs is available in German. This document can be used by any organization to review and improve their internal processes.

“The OpenChain Project is expanding globally through adoption of our specification, our reference materials and use of our free self-certification process,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “The OpenChain Specification is at the heart of what we do. This document outlines the key requirements of a quality open source compliance program and can be used by any organization in any market as a “health check” and basis for refinement. The availability of our latest specification in German is another milestone in the maturity of the project.”

This translation is the result of collaboration from Catharina Maracke, Stefan Thanheiser, Stefanie Pors, Anke Thanheiser, Jan Thielscher, Miriam Ballhausen and Daniel Wulle. Big thanks are due to Catharina Maracke for coordinating the process.

Get the Specification in German

OpenChain Welcomes Hella Aglaia to the Community of Conformance

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The OpenChain Project is delighted to welcome Hella Aglaia to our community of conformance.

“OpenChain is becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “We have member companies like Toyota, Hitachi and Bosch directly supporting the growth of OpenChain adoption, and we have extensive engagement throughout our community from companies like Panasonic, Denso Ten and Scania. We are extremely happy to welcome HELLA Aglaia to our community of conformance and – more generally – to the wider OpenChain eco-system of collaboration.”

In their own words, HELLA Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH is a full subsidiary of HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA and one of the leading global developers of intelligent visual sensor systems.

We specialize in customized embedded software solutions for driver assistance systems with multi-functional cameras. Our portfolio also includes the development of software for energy management systems as well as testing solutions for environment sensor systems (camera/radar) and associated products and services. Another field of expertise covers the development and distribution of people-counting devices based on integrated image processing. Our products are suitable for the integration in public transport vehicles as well as for stationary use (e.g. retail locations, airports, stations). 

HELLA Aglaia was founded in 1998 and headquartered in Berlin.

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OpenChain Specification 2.0 Out Now

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The OpenChain Project is delighted to announce that version 2.0 of our specification for open source compliance in the supply chain is now available. This is the culmination of many months of work by over a hundred contributors. Special thanks are due to Mark Gisi, chair of the Specification Work Team and Gary O’Neall, Lead Developer for the Online Self-Certification Questionnaire. They went above and beyond to provide a document and an online service that incorporate a year of evolution guided by practical real world deployment.

We are especially glad to announce that the English version of the OpenChain Specification is accompanied by the Traditional Chinese translation. This marks the first time we have had a simultaneous release of the Specification in two languages. Thanks are due to S.Z. Lin and Lucien C.H. Lin for this outstanding accomplishment.

We will shortly announce official translations in Simplified Chinese and Japanese. Watch this space!

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OpenChain Supplier Education – Massive Step Forward in Japanese and soon in English

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OpenChain has a very active Work Group in Japan. One of the sub-groups, focused on creating a supplier education leaflet, has released the finished document in Japanese. You can get it below.

The English version is coming in May. It will be distributed online and through events like Open Source Summit Japan.

The really exciting thing is the list of companies distributing the physical and digital version of the Japanese leaflet:

    • Sony
    • Panasonic
    • Fujitsu
    • Micware
    • Ricoh
    • Pioneer
    • Toyota
    • Hitachi Solutions
    • Mitsubishi Electric
    • NEC / NEC Sol. I.
    • Hitachi Ltd.
    • Murata Manufacturing
    • DeNA
    • Socionext
    • VeriServe
    • Toshiba
    • Sky
    • Canon
    • Olympus
    • Daikin Industries
    • SOFTIC
    • Daihatsu
    • Renesas
    • Fujifilm

For completeness, here is everyone in Japanese:

    • ソニー
    • パナソニック
    • 富士通
    • ミックウエア
    • リコー
    • パイオニア
    • トヨタ
    • 日立ソリューションズ 
    • 三菱電機    
    • NEC/NEC Sol. I.  
    • 日立製作所  
    • 村田製作所 
    • DeNA    
    • ソシオネクスト 
    • ベリサーブ  
    • 東芝     
    • Sky      
    • キヤノン    
    • オリンパス  
    • ダイキン工業  
    • SOFTIC  
    • ダイハツ     
    • NTTコムウエア  
    • ルネサス  
    • 富士フイルム

As always, OpenChain is going deeper and deeper into the supply chain. Great thanks to Ueda San from Sony for leading this initiative.

Get the Japanese leaflet

OpenChain @ Japan Work Group #9

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Our DensoTen host runs a Q&A session where a wide range of Japanese companies offer thought, comments and suggestions for improving collaboration.

The OpenChain Japan Work Group held its ninth “all member” meeting at DensoTen on the 18th of April. The event opened with a short presentation from Shane Coughlan covering some of the largest developments around the OpenChain global community. The slides have been made publicly available.

This meeting covered a wide range of topics related to open source compliance. One highlight were the reports from the seven sub-groups of the Japanese community, covering a diverse range of topics from education to Bill of Materials to automation. As always, conversation was informal and open, allowing all participants to add their view during and after each presentation, and to network freely during the coffee breaks.

Aoki San from Fujitsu announces the 10th all member meeting will take place at their HQ adjacent to Open Source Summit Japan on July 17th.

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