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OpenChain Q2 Mini-Summit – 2021-06-14 @ 14:00 UTC

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The OpenChain Q2 Mini-Summit will be held on the 14th of June at 14:00 UTC / 07:00 PST / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST / 19:30 IST / 22:00 CST / 23:00 KST / 23:00 JST.

This three-hour event will have two live collaboration sessions.

We will open with one hour for the OpenChain education work team. The focus will be on final review of the online course and a discussion of what education work we should do next. This will be lead by Balakrisha, chair of the education work team.

We will continue with a two hour live-editing session for the OpenChain ISO 5230 security usage reference document. The goal will be to have an output that can be immediately used by our community regarding application of OpenChain ISO 5230 in security contexts. This discussion will be lead by Mark, chair of the specification work team.

Everyone is welcome to the event and encouraged to attend. There is no registration or fee to access. Your thoughts and requests for additional activities during the event are also welcome.

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OpenChain Korea Work Group Meeting #10 – 2021-06-22

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The OpenChain Korea Work Group will hold its 10th meeting on the 22nd of June between 15:00 and 17:00 KST. The agenda will be published on the dedicated event page shortly. All welcome. No registration necessary. The meeting will be conducted in Korean.

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External Blog: ISO 5230 OpenChain: How Will the Standard be Used?

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“Open source software license compliance must not be overlooked. Following the trends in the use of ISO/IEC 5230:2020, it is fair to predict more companies and industries will demand conformance as well as integrate the standard into their supply chain work practices. Cybersecurity breaches are a serious threat to all types of businesses. In the last twelve months four in ten businesses report having cybersecurity breaches or attacks in the UK. Although ISO/IEC 5230:2020 does not contain an express provision regarding cybersecurity, conformance to the standard makes the tracking of security vulnerabilities much easier. Adherence to the ISO standard now, puts your organisation ahead of the curve and places you ahead of non-conformant competitors.”

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Synopsys Is The Third OpenChain Global Certifier

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Synopsys has been announced as a global third-party certifier for OpenChain ISO 5230, the International Standard for open source license compliance. They join PwC and TUV SUD in providing such services.

“Establishing trust in open source is a continual journey with growing obligations,” says Jacob Wilson, Senior Security Consultant with the Synopsys Software Integrity Group. “Becoming an OpenChain 3rd party certifier allows Synopsys to promote the ISO/IEC 5230:2020 Standard and OpenChain community.”

“Welcoming Synopsys as a third-party certifier is an important milestone in two respects for the OpenChain Project,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “Firstly, they have exceptional reach to provide certification services to a worldwide customer base, and this will be beneficial for the both the OpenChain community and the broader open source market. Secondly, as the third entity providing such services, the OpenChain community now has significant freedom of choice when seeking vendor support.”

External Webinar: Accelerating Innovation With Open Source and Agile Compliance in the Financial Sector

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“Open source adoption is increasing rapidly within the financial services industry. Thanks to cutting edge technologies, affordability, flexibility, and the power of the open source community – more and more financial institutions are encouraged to integrate open source components into their investment and more data processing systems. Meanwhile, the industry’s growing list of compliance initiatives and regulations dramatically changes the way financial companies rely on technology to help improve governance and compliance structures. In this webinar our experts will discuss the challenges the financial services industry faces when it comes to open source compliance, a look at regulation trusted standards and how companies that want to stay ahead of the game must leverage technology to automate important security and compliance processes.”

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OpenChain Bi-Weekly Webinar at 14:00 UTC 2021-05-17: OpenChain ISO 5230 in the field of Venture Capital

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We will hold our regular OpenChain Bi-Weekly Webinar at 14:00 UTC today. Our speaker will be Martin Callinan from Source Code Control Limited on OpenChain ISO 5230 in the field of Venture Capital. This is an emerging space for us, but one that appears to offer similar promise to existing use of OpenChain in Mergers and Acquisitions. 

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