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OpenChain Mini-Summit 2023 @ OSS NA

The OpenChain Project held a mini-summit adjacent to the Linux Foundation Open Source Summit North America. Check out our opening keynote for some substantial data points on our project, our standards for license compliance and security assurance, and the type of support you can get with adoption.

We continued with a presentation from our board member Helio (CARIAD), with a strong focus on how people can use automation in the practical implementation of important compliance and security processes at scale.

The final presentation drilled further down the stack, and we had a great contribution from the LG Electronics team as their explained FOSSLight, an open source tool for open source compliance or security management with sophisticated dashboard and automation. This solution is gaining traction in South Korea and is well worth attention globally.

The overarching event this year had around 2,000 physical attendees and 2,000 virtual, and we were delighted to welcome some new faces to our corner of the open source community. It was also a pleasure to see many familiar faces in the room.