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OpenChain Webinar #1 – Supply Chain Governance + Container Compliance – Full Recording

By 2020-04-08July 26th, 2022Featured, News, Webinar

The OpenChain Project has launched a series of bi-weekly free webinars that provide access to people and knowledge that we would otherwise obtain at events. We kicked off on Monday the 6th of April with speakers on Supply Chain Governance and Container Compliance.

Who Presented in Webinar #1?

Dr. Nikolay Harutyunyan spoke about ‘Corporate Open Source Governance of Software Supply Chains’, a talk based on recently published research constituting material from a literature review of 87 publications, a qualitative survey of 20 primary materials and 21 expert interviews at 15 companies. This bridged into a 2.5-year longitudinal study into a company that was just getting started with open source governance and following their evolution.

Armijn Hemel, MSc spoke about Docker container compliance. He has an extensive background as an internationally recognized expert in the field of GPL license compliance engineering with a particular focus on practical solutions to real-world product and service challenges. While best known for his work in embedded technology, Armijn has been exploring the topic of container compliance in recent years, and has been at the forefront of defining best practices in this space.

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