Raw Case Studies: Open Source Compliance Training Program

By January 30, 2019November 11th, 2020News
One of the most common questions asked by participants in the OpenChain Project community is “what type of open source compliance training program does your company have?” Contributors in our Japan Work Group have collaborated to make some case studies available in English and Japanese:

Precision Machinery Company

  • https://github.com/OpenChain-Project/Onboarding-JWG/blob/master/CaseStudy/Training/OSS-Training-Program-1.md

IT Company

  • https://github.com/OpenChain-Project/Onboarding-JWG/blob/master/CaseStudy/Training/OSS-Training-Program-2.md

Consumer Electronics Company #1

  • https://github.com/OpenChain-Project/Onboarding-JWG/blob/master/CaseStudy/Training/OSS-Training-Program-3.md

Consumer Electronics Company #2

  • https://github.com/OpenChain-Project/Onboarding-JWG/blob/master/CaseStudy/Training/OSS-Training-Program-4.md

Please note these are “raw” case studies. They will be formatted and re-released in due time.

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