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OpenChain Webinar #5: Software Heritage + Making Compliance Scalable in a Container World – Full Recording

By 2020-06-02July 26th, 2022Featured, News, Webinar

The OpenChain Project has launched a series of bi-weekly free webinars that provide access to people and knowledge that we would otherwise obtain at events. We held our fifth meeting on Monday the 1st of June at 9am Pacific with two guest speakers.

This time we explored Software Heritage, an initiative whose goal is to collect, preserve, and share software code, and continued our discussion of containers from the perspective of scalable compliance.

Roberto Di Cosmo, Director at Software Heritage, explained why this initiative collects and preserves software in source code form with the understanding that software embodies key technical and scientific knowledge that humanity cannot afford to risk losing. His presentation helped provide insight into how such initiatives can link into activities like compliance automation in open source compliance, an area of immediate interest to the OpenChain community.

Scott Peterson, Senior Commercial Counsel at Red Hat, talked about how we can make compliance scalable in a container world. This talk will build on other recent presentations with a particular focus on efficiency and portability, with a “registry-native” approach to source code availability. Scott explained how this does not require updating container registries to include source code specific features, but instead can exploit features that are already contained in current registries.

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