OpenChain Self-Certification allows organizations to demonstrate their conformance with the OpenChain Specification. Adoption of OpenChain builds trust in the way organizations address Open Source compliance throughout the supply chain.

OpenChain 1.1

The OpenChain Specification 1.1 is our latest industry-standard. You can self-certify against this using our Online Self-Certification Web App. If you pass you will automatically be added to our list of OpenChain Conformant Organizations.

You can get more information, including a copy of the questions in the Online Self-Certification, in the Conformance Handbook for OpenChain Specification 1.1 and on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

OpenChain 1.0

You have the option of Self-Certifying against the OpenChain Specification 1.0 using the OpenChain Conformance Check 1.0. If you Self-Certify using this this Conformance Check please contact to be added to our list of OpenChain Conformant Organizations. Please note that OpenChain 1.0 has been superseded by OpenChain 1.1. It is recommended that all organizations consider adoption of OpenChain 1.1 moving forward.

Questions, Feedback, Complaints

You can direct questions, feedback and complaints to the OpenChain Conformance mailing list. This includes any concerns regarding organizations listed as OpenChain Conformant.

Questions, comments and feedback are also accepted anonymously. Please send them to


Copyright (c) 2017 Linux Foundation. The OpenChain Conformance written material is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 (CC-BY-4.0). A copy of the license can be obtained here: CC-BY-4.0. We also release the source code of our Online Self-Certification Web App under the Apache 2.0 license on Github.