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Adopt OpenChain ISO/IEC DIS 18974

OpenChain ISO/IEC DIS 18974

OpenChain ISO/IEC DIS 18974 is intended to identify and describe the key requirements of a quality Security Assurance Program in the context of using Open Source Software. It focuses on a narrow subset of primary concern: checking Open Source Software against publicly known security vulnerabilities like CVEs, GitHub/GitLab vulnerability reports, and so on.

You can adopt OpenChain ISO/IEC DIS 18974 by self-certification in your own time or working with a service provider for independent assessment or third-party certification. Our recommended path is self-certification and we provide this form to support this with a series of "yes" or "no" statements. If you can answer "yes" to everything, you are self-certified. If you answer "no" to some items, you know where to invest further time to build a quality program.

Section 4.1.1(Required)
Section 4.1.2(Required)
Section 4.1.3(Required)
Section 4.1.4(Required)
Section 4.1.5(Required)
Section 4.2.1(Required)
Section 4.2.2(Required)
Section 4.3.1(Required)
Section 4.3.2(Required)
Section 4.4.1(Required)
Section 4.4.2(Required)
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