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OpenChain Webinar #18 – Exploring Sustainable Community Management Through FreeDOS – Full Recording

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FreeDOS is a 23 year old community project focused on providing a complete DOS-compatible environment for running legacy software and supporting embedded systems. It has maintained stable development and community management throughout its multi-decade life. In this webinar Jim Hall explores how this type of consistency was possible and how it can apply to other projects.

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Jim Hall is an open source software developer and advocate. His first contribution to open source was in 1993, with a patch to GNU Emacs. Since then, Jim has authored, contributed to, or maintained dozens of open source projects. In addition to writing open source software, Jim also works with usability testing in open source software.

Major projects include: FreeDOS and GNOME

Jim is a featured speaker on IT Leadership and Technology Innovation at conferences including Government IT Symposium, SINC Midwest IT Forum, International Institute of Business Analysis, Premier CIO Forum, Minnesota e-Learning Summit, CIC CIO TechForum, and UBTech.

Jim is a published author on IT Leadership, and is the author of Coaching Buttons, a collection of essays about leadership and vision in information technology: how to be a leader, how to lead through change, how to do strategic planning. Jim has also contributed chapters to several other books on Open Organizations and IT Leadership, including The Open Organization Leaders Manual (2nd Edition), The Open Organization Workbook, and Cultivating Change in the Academy. He is currently writing his next book, about programming, due in Fall 2021.

Jim contributes feature articles about Open Source Software and IT Leadership in magazines and journals including Government CIO OutlookCIO ReviewUniversity BusinessOpenSourceLinux Journal, and The Open Organization book series. Jim has also been interviewed and cited as an expert on IT Leadership and Technology Innovation for publications including The Forecast by Nutanix, Government CIO OutlookUniversity Business Magazine, and MinnPost.
Jim has a master’s degree in Scientific and Technical Communication from the University of Minnesota, and a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

OpenChain Webinar #15 – Michael Poe on His Journey to Open Source – Full Recording

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We heard from Michael G. Poe, a newcomer to the world of Open Source Compliance and current Sales Manager with FossID.  He shared his thoughts on his surprising journey from consumer products to software, and how the underlying principles of the open source community have enabled him along the way.  

Michael also touched on what he believes can be some of the challenges to the frictionless adoption of Open Chain conformance. And lastly, based on his experiences and learning agenda thus far, what are some areas that can be improved when it comes to Open Source, Compliance, and the tech industry in general.

This is the final episode of the bi-weekly OpenChain Webinar series for 2020. We have featured international speakers on a wide range of topics related to open source compliance challenges and solutions. Learn more here:

We will be back in early 2021 with more speakers, discussions and insights.

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OpenChain Webinar #14 – Issues with Open Source License Compliance in Consumer Electronics – Full Recording

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Our regular bi-weekly webinar covered an exciting topic at during the third Monday of November 2020.

Tim Bird of Sony spoke on ‘Issues with Open Source License Compliance in Consumer Electronics’, a variant of a speech recently delivered at Open Source Summit Europe, and made available here for our global audience along with a great Q&A.

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OpenChain Webinar #12 – Community Specification + OpenChain Reference Library – Third Monday September 2020 – Full Recording

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On this episode we had Seth Newberry from Joint Development Foundation join the call and explain how the new Community Specification on GitHub can help projects prepare for building sustainable standards.

We also took a moment to go through the ever-increasing OpenChain Reference library. There is a ton of material there that we are currently improving and making easier to discover ahead of our formal ISO publication in a couple of weeks.