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OpenChain Webinar #46 – A WebAssembly Fireside Chat with Armijn Hemel

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The 46th OpenChain Webinar is being released as a recording adjacent to the Open Compliance Summit keynotes here in Yokohama, Japan. 

This time we are having ‘A WebAssembly Fireside Chat with Armijn Hemel,’ unpacking work being done around WebAssembly, compliance and the questions lawyers can usefully ask.

Get the full report Armijn prepared for Linux Foundation here:

And in Japanese here:

OpenChain Webinar #40 – FOSSLight (Korean with Chinese and Japanese Subtitles)

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A quiet landmark for the OpenChain Project: our first non-English global webinar is presented in Korean with Simplified Chinese and Japanese subtitles. We are improving our communications to help more organizations from more places improve trust in the open source supply chain.

There is one request that comes with this webinar: if you are interested in FOSSlight please considering helping to translate it into more languages.

Learn more on GitHub