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External Event: Korean Company Implementations of OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230:2020

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The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) is holding an event on November 30th at 14:00 KST. There will be an OpenChain panel at 15:10 KST on Track 4.

  • 개최일시2021. 11. 30.(화) 14:00 ~ 17:30 (2021 SW주간 내 개최)
  • 개최장소 :온라인(OpenUP 유튜브)
  • 행사주제 :개발자와 함께 성장하는 오픈소스
[Track 4 : 공개SW 토크- “패널 Talk”]
15:10∼16:1060분○ 한국 기업의 오픈소스 거버넌스 구축 사례와
OpenChain 프로젝트 소개
– Linux Foundation의 OpenChain Project와 OpenChain Korea Work Group을 소개하고, 커뮤니티 활동과 기업의 오픈소스 거버넌스 구축 사례에 대하여 한국의 주요 ICT 기업의 오픈소스 담당자 의견을 공유합니다.
– Special Guest: Shane Coghlan – General Manager, OpenChain 
16:10∼16:2010분○ 휴식시간 
16:20∼17:2060분○ 리눅스 개발자 이야기
리눅스 커널에 기여하고 참여하는 한국 개발자들의 개발 경험담과Tip 등을 공유합니다. 
17:20∼17:3010분행사마무리(경품추첨) 및 종료

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The Linux Foundation SBOM Readiness Survey

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The Linux Foundation’s SBOM Readiness Survey has just been announced on their blog and social media channels. This is a major, important new initiative for the Linux Foundation.

Please take a few moments to read more about it and complete it if possible:

Linux Foundation Research Announces Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Readiness Survey – Linux FoundationThis SBOM readiness survey is the Linux Foundation’s first project addressing how to secure the software supply chain.LINUXFOUNDATION.ORG

External Webinar: Accelerating Innovation With Open Source and Agile Compliance in the Financial Sector; June 17 at 11:00 CET

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Open source adoption is increasing rapidly within the financial services industry. Thanks to cutting edge technologies, affordability, flexibility, and the power of the open source community – more and more financial institutions are encouraged to integrate open source components into their investment and more data processing systems.

Meanwhile, the industry’s growing list of compliance initiatives and regulations dramatically changes the way financial companies rely on technology

to help improve governance and compliance structures.

In this webinar our experts will discuss the challenges the financial services industry faces when it comes to open source compliance, a look at regulation trusted standards and how companies that want to stay ahead of the game must leverage technology to automate important security and compliance processes.

Read the full article and register here.

OpenChain Webinar #15 – Michael Poe on His Journey to Open Source – Full Recording

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We heard from Michael G. Poe, a newcomer to the world of Open Source Compliance and current Sales Manager with FossID.  He shared his thoughts on his surprising journey from consumer products to software, and how the underlying principles of the open source community have enabled him along the way.  

Michael also touched on what he believes can be some of the challenges to the frictionless adoption of Open Chain conformance. And lastly, based on his experiences and learning agenda thus far, what are some areas that can be improved when it comes to Open Source, Compliance, and the tech industry in general.

This is the final episode of the bi-weekly OpenChain Webinar series for 2020. We have featured international speakers on a wide range of topics related to open source compliance challenges and solutions. Learn more here:

We will be back in early 2021 with more speakers, discussions and insights.

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