OpenChain Conformance: The Arm Case Study

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This case study unpacks how the open source team at Arm used the OpenChain industry standard to simplify and speed their compliance process.

It includes detailed information on the approach selected, the timescales used, and the outcomes reached. It will be useful for any company currently considering or undergoing OpenChain self-certification, compliance assessment or third-party certification.

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Draft OpenChain Specification 2.0 Available in Russian

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Thanks to the hard work of Denis Dorotenko at Yandex ( the OpenChain Specification 2.0 has a draft translation in Russian. This will be converted to an official translation once it completes peer review.

Get the Draft OpenChain Specification 2.0 in Russian

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Minutes of the OpenChain Reference Tooling Work Group Meeting – 12th February 2020

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1. News
Oliver gave an overview about “what happened since last meeting”:
On 6th of Feb there was the kick off meeting of the OpenChain German Work Group. More than 35 persons attended the meeting. Main results were:
             1. the work group agreed on working on a guideline and layout of an OSS disclosure document
             2. the work group will work on translations of the existing material, there is already work in progress. Please see
             3. the work group has a “rolling chair” model – i.e. the host of the particular meeting is automatically the chair of the work group

Oliver started working on a charter, contribution guideline, code of conduct and updated the README of our project. The current state of work can be analyzed, improved, commented etc. in the branch

Please follow the link, read the documents and please provide comments and improvements. The branch is called onboarding-new-persons

Sami suggested to add a “code example” what we expect in the context of reuse conformant contributions. Further he suggested to add a phrase like “other licenses of already existing code.
Sami volunteered to let our logo to be checked whether our logo is fine from a trademark point of view

2. Summary of the Unconference about OSS tooling in Brussels
Michael gave an overview about the unconference on OSS compliance tooling which took place on 31st of January in Brussels. Material and photos are available in our repo, please check

2.1. Code matching
One result of the code matching session was that there need to be a definition what is exactly to be understood by code matching. Some see code matching as the task “I have a binary package and need to find the corresponding source”. Others see it “I want to check source code whether it contains source code originating for 3rd parties.

2.2. sw360
This session centered around using and installing sw360.

2.3. Container Scanning
All attendees agreed that license compliance is a problem. The attendees agreed to start working on guidelines and best practices for container handling and container license compliance.

2.4. Big Picture
Please have a look at the slides.

2.5. Glue Code
Please have a look at the slides.

2.6. Requirements
Please have a look at the slides.

3. What approaches are existing for license compliant containers
We were not able to discuss the topic “3. What approaches are existing for license compliant containers” and decided to dedicate the next meeting entirely to container compliance

4. Next Meeting
26th of Feb 2020
Agenda: What approaches are existing for license compliant containers

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OpenChain Korea Work Group Meeting # 5 – Kakao Seoul on the 19th of March

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The 5th meeting of the OpenChain Korean Work Group will be hosted by Kakao in Seoul. A big thank you to Violet from Kakao and all our work group members.

  1. Organizer : Kakao (Contact : Violet – )
  2. Venue: Kakao Pangyo Office (7F, N-dong, 235 Pangyo Station-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do)
  3. Date: March 19, 2020


1OpenChain UpdateShane Coughlan, Linux Foundation
2카카오 오픈소스 검증 시스템 Olive 소개카카오 황은경
3오픈소스 기여자 만들기, 참 쉽죠?라인 이서연
4업데이트 중

More Information on the Korea Mailing List

OpenChain Japan Work Group Meeting # 13 – Cancelled

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The 13th meeting of the OpenChain Japan Work Group was scheduled to be held at DeNA in Shibuya on the 18th of February. However, due to the deteriorating situation in Japan with the COVID-19 virus we have taken the decision to cancel this event.

Please keep up-to-date with the latest developments regarding alternative video conferences and other meetings via our OpenChain Japan mailing list.

OpenChain and COVID-19 – Update

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The Linux Foundation is continuously monitoring the Novel Coronavirus situation to ensure the safety of our event participants and staff. We will be following all recommended guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as the situation progresses.

Despite the cancellation of MWC Barcelona, many other significant conferences are still occurring and we have no plans to cancel events in general. Note that the WHO is currently advising against the application of any restrictions on international traffic. Based on the information currently available on the outbreak, the CDC is recommending standard safety practices that should be instituted during any flu season, and there are no US Dept of State Travel Advisories for countries other than China with relation to Novel Coronavirus.

For the safety of our event participants, we will institute numerous safety measures and guidelines to ensure everyone’s health and wellbeing including:

  • Keep up-to-date information on our event websites pertaining to the status of the event, and precautions for attendees onsite
  • Send email communications to registered event participants with any pertinent updates leading up to the event
  • Provide plentiful sanitation stations onsite at the event with alcohol-based hand sanitizer and wipes, tissue and facemasks
  • Provide signage onsite encouraging attendees to practice Respiratory Hygiene, ie to cover your mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or tissue (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze; avoid touching your hands, nose, and mouth to avoid transferring germs from surfaces; discard a used tissue immediately into a closed trash can, and wash your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer and/or soap and water right away.
  • Provide signage to encourage attendees to maintain Social Distancing, ie to adopt a no-handshake policy at the event and stand a minimum of 3 feet (1 meter) from other people, especially those that may be sneezing, coughing and/or exhibiting cold/flu symptoms.
  • We will regularly sanitize all surfaces through the event space and communicate with the venues to do the same
  • We will be sanitizing speaker microphones between each speaker’s use
  • Request that anyone sick or experiencing any cold/flu-like symptoms stay home for their own safety and the safety of others, and consider substituting a co-worker to attend in their place.
  • We ask that any attendees onsite who might begin experience cold or flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, trouble breathing), to please seek medical care right away. We will have local medical care contact information available for all attendees and can assist any attendee with transportation to a local clinic.

We also ask all registered attendees to self-certify that if they have traveled to China in the last month, they ensure that at least 14 days have passed from the time they arrived from China to the event and that they have shown no flu-like symptoms in that time. If they have, we ask that for their own safety and the safety of other attendees, they substitute another attendee in their place and refrain from attending the event.

We will continue to regularly check the latest official information leading up to the event and encourage our event participants to do the same. We understand that there is a lot of fear and uncertainty right now as we are in the early stages of the outbreak and a lot is still unknown, however, we want to ensure we’re making decisions based on factual recommendations rather than rumor or fear. 

Recommended Resources:

World Health Organization (WHO) Novel Coronavirus Daily Situation Reports:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Situation Summary:

Real-Time Data Dashboard from Johns Hopkins University:

US Dept of State Travel Advisories:

Request for Comments: One Slide Summary of Where OpenChain Fits in Workflows

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Fukuchi San from Sony has provided us with a draft outlining where the various sections of the OpenChain Specification fit into company process workflows. This is building on a document that was previously available for OpenChain Specification 1.2. The goal is to provide a quick framing of our industry standard for organizations considering adoption, considering conformance, or managing these activities. 

We would like to collect feedback on this document as it is likely to disseminate widely throughout our community in various languages over time. Email our General Manager ( or any of our mailing lists to provide comments and suggestions. 

OpenChain @ Linux Foundation Member Summit – 10~12 March 2020

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The OpenChain Project will have a substantial presence at the forthcoming Linux Foundation Member Summit held during the 10th to 12th March 2020 in Lake Tahoe.

Framing OpenChain as an ISO standard

The Road to Conformance: Panel with Arm, Comcast, Google and Uber

Some Cool Talks by Community and Friends

See The Full Schedule

In Other News

The OpenChain Project will host a board meeting on the 9th of March, the day immediately before the Linux Foundation Member Summit. Adjacent to this we may hold a Steering Committee meeting. We have no voting item at this time but it could provide a space for a walk-through of the forthcoming ISO standard. If you have an interest in this being scheduled for 3pm on the 9th please let me know.