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Japan Work Group Advent Calendar 2021 Now Live!

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Our annual Japan Work Group Advent Calendar is now underway. This is perhaps the largest annual community activity around our global project, with over 20 articles published by contributors from a wide range of companies. Posts often have English summaries, and this is a great way to check out some of the key Far Eastern news around OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230:2020. Huge thanks to Watanabe San, Fukuchi San, Owada San, and everyone else who makes this happen!

A Message From Watanabe San:

Hello. If this is your first visit, nice to meet you. Thank you very much for your attention to this article.
Welcome to OpenChain Japan WG Advent Calendar 2021!!
We, OpenChain Japan WG, is a Japanese community whose activities involve Open Source Software (OSS) compliance. This is our third advent calendar, continuing from 2020 and 2021. We will deliver to you a series of 25 articles about our activities of this year and topics of open source. And the same as last year, we will write every article both in Japanese and English and deliver them to everyone in the world.
We would be very happy if you became a little interested in our activities and the importance of OSS compliance from reading our articles. I hope you like it!!

As the beginning of this advent calendar, let’s start with a comment from Shane Coughlan, the General Manager of OpenChain Project…

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Check Out The Whole Calendar As It Happens

Automation Case Study #5 – SBOMs in a Virtual Supply Chain

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The OpenChain automation case study about using open source tools for open source compliance runs between September and December 2021. It is the largest case study ever undertaken in this space. The outcome of attending will include better knowledge of options for automation around open source compliance, a better understanding of interoperability in the space, and an awareness of how to engage with the field in a turn-key manner.

Part #5 explores how SPDX ISO/IEC 5962 works as a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in the supply chain through existing open source tooling for open source compliance.

Coming Next:

  • December 8th, expanding on the Supply Chain and SBOMs.
  • December 16th, a recap of the whole open source tooling eco-system at Open Compliance Summit 2021.

Available to Watch Now:

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OpenChain Supplier Education Pack Now In Dutch

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Thanks to the hard work of Zier den Heijer, Shurjeel Tousif and the rest of the team at SeQuenX BV we have a Dutch translation of the Supplier Education Pack. This pack is a one email, one attachement method to bring your suppliers up-to-speed on open source, OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 and how to adopt the International Standard for open source license compliance.

With this milestone we have the Supplier Education Pack available in nine languages.

Get the Supplier Education Pack

External Event: Korean Company Implementations of OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230:2020

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The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) is holding an event on November 30th at 14:00 KST. There will be an OpenChain panel at 15:10 KST on Track 4.

  • 개최일시2021. 11. 30.(화) 14:00 ~ 17:30 (2021 SW주간 내 개최)
  • 개최장소 :온라인(OpenUP 유튜브)
  • 행사주제 :개발자와 함께 성장하는 오픈소스
[Track 4 : 공개SW 토크- “패널 Talk”]
15:10∼16:1060분○ 한국 기업의 오픈소스 거버넌스 구축 사례와
OpenChain 프로젝트 소개
– Linux Foundation의 OpenChain Project와 OpenChain Korea Work Group을 소개하고, 커뮤니티 활동과 기업의 오픈소스 거버넌스 구축 사례에 대하여 한국의 주요 ICT 기업의 오픈소스 담당자 의견을 공유합니다.
– Special Guest: Shane Coghlan – General Manager, OpenChain 
16:10∼16:2010분○ 휴식시간 
16:20∼17:2060분○ 리눅스 개발자 이야기
리눅스 커널에 기여하고 참여하는 한국 개발자들의 개발 경험담과Tip 등을 공유합니다. 
17:20∼17:3010분행사마무리(경품추첨) 및 종료

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CAICT Becomes OpenChain Partner, Launches Third Party Certification

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CAICT, a scientific research institute directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIT) of China, is the latest OpenChain Project partner. They will be drawing on sixty four years of experience to offer third party certification support for OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 in the Chinese market. Read their official statement in Chinese.

“Effective supply chain managed is more critical today than ever before,” says Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager. “The size of the Chinese market offers both challenges and opportunities that can transform global trade. We are fortunate to work closely with companies like OPPO and Huawei on business optimization, and our new partnership with CAICT provides a new level of support for companies seeking effective, efficient management of open source software. As our first third party certified in Mainland China, we feel confident CAICT will act not only as a service provider but also as a lighthouse to offer support and structure to companies adopting and using OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230.”


Founded in 1957, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology(hereinafter referred to as CAICT) is a scientific research institute directly under theMinistry of Industry and Information Technology (MIT) of China. It cherishes the culturalphilosophy of “Boosting prosperity with virtues and expertise” for years while adhering tothe development positioning of “a specialized think-tank for the government and aninnovation and development platform for the industry”. Committed to “the think-tank andenabler for innovation and development in an information society”, CAICT has providedstrong support for major strategies, plans, policies, standards, tests and certification forthe development of the national ICT sector and the IT application, thus proving itself animportant facilitator in the leapfrog development and innovation of China’s informationand communications sector. It has been granted hundreds of scientific and technologicalawards at both national and provincial levels.In recent years, with a view to adapting to the new eco-social backdrop andrequirements, CAICT has strengthened its efforts in innovation to achieve wider anddeeper research landscape. It has conducted in-depth research and foresighted planningin the fields of 4G/5G, industrial Internet, smart manufacturing, mobile Internet, Internet ofThings (loT), Internet of Vehicles (loV), cloud computing, big data, blockchain, artificialintelligence (Al), future networks, virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR), intelligenthardware, and cyber and information security. This enables CAICT to play an importantrole in strategy and policy study, technological innovation, industrial development, andinternational cooperation related to the ICT sector and the integration betweenindustrialization and informatization.

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