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OpenChain Webinar #68 – VulnerableCode technical deep dive into VulnTotal

This was originally published as “Automation Case Study #7 – VulnerableCode technical deep dive into VulnTotal” on 2023-02-07. It has been re-published in the main webinar series to improve discoverability.

Philippe Ombredanne from nexB lead a technical deep dive into VulnTotal on the 7th of February 2023. It was about an aspect of the AboutCode Project, with VulnerableCode providing tools to collect, aggregate and refine software vulnerability information from more than 20 sources and tools to quickly create new “importers”. Called VulnTotal, it came out of Google Summer of Code 2022:

VulnTotal: Cross-validate vulnerability coverage of VulnerableCode (Keshav Priyadarshi)

VulnerableCode is a unique project that collates and cross-references FOSS vulnerability data from multiple sources. Inspired by the VirusTotal multi-scanner virus scanning service, the VulnTotal project will cross-validate the vulnerability coverage of VulnerableCode against other publicly available vulnerability check tools and databases. For instance, a package may be reported as vulnerable by one tool or database but not by another. We can gradually work with these tool providers to keep each other apprised about newly discovered vulnerabilities, making FOSS more secure.