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OpenChain Webinar #67 – Digging Further Into The Supply Chain

This was originally published as “Automation Case Study #6 – Digging Further Into The Supply Chain” on 2021-12-09. It has been re-published in the main webinar series to improve discoverability.

The OpenChain automation case study about using open source tools for open source compliance runs between September and December 2021. It is the largest case study ever undertaken in this space. The outcome of attending will include better knowledge of options for automation around open source compliance, a better understanding of interoperability in the space, and an awareness of how to engage with the field in a turn-key manner.

Part #6 digs further into how a Software Bill of Materials like SPDX ISO/IEC 5962 can optimize operations in the supply chain by ensuring manual or automated analysis works in a more efficient and effective manner.

Coming Next:

  • December 16th, a recap of the whole open source tooling eco-system at Open Compliance Summit 2021.

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