The OpenChain Interviews

We are launching a series of interviews about the people behind the OpenChain Project. While open source is mostly about software, and governance is mostly about licenses, it is also the story of thousands of individuals collaborating. We hope these interviews with inform and inspire our readers, and encourage more people to participate in open source and OpenChain.

Faces from Our Community

Mark Gisi

Specification Chair

Miriam Ballhausen

Conformance Chair

Alexios Zavras

Curriculum Chair

Nathan Kumagai

Onboarding Chair

Masato Endo

Automotive Chair

Oliver Fendt

Tooling Chair

Gary O'Neall

Lead Developer

Catharina Maracke

Strategic Advisor

Matija Suklje

Strategic Advisor

Indira Bhatt

Community Representative

Dave Marr

Governing Board Chair

Shane Coughlan

General Manager

Kelly Williams

Secretary Emeritus